Oct. 6th, 2007


Oct. 6th, 2007 07:21 pm
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I signed up for nano again this year.  After my semi-success of last year I really wanted to give it another go.  (By semi-success I mean that I won, but the novel wasn't actually finished.)  This year I think I have a plot that might actually be finished in 50,000 words.  I'm finally going to tackle my favorite novel style of all time: the gothic romantic suspense.  No, not a bodice ripper.  For those of you familiar with Victoria Holt and/or Barbara Michaels, we're talking the woman running across the moors in the dark of night from the haunted ancestral home of the husband she married after a two week courtship while wearing naught but a flowing nightgown never knowing that the haunting is actually a ruse of the neighboring estate's crazed lady of the house who had always hoped to marry said husband.  Add an illegitimate child or two, a governess, nursemaid, kind country doctor/cousin/uncle, old village wise man/woman, a mysterious death and horses and yo've got yourself a self-writing spooky yet romantic plot line complete with monastic ruins and a dark, brooding forest.  :)

I've always wanted to attempt a full out Holt novel.  I've started plots many times before, but this gives me an excuse to really attempt one and stick with it.  Yes, I'm crazy.  I have a term paper and an opera performance this semester and I don't know if I'll manage.  But, it's worth a try. :)  CRAZY.  Eheh. :)

Love!  Everyone, don't forget to sign up!  Especially my writing talented friends... <3


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